Welcome to Blessed Be Basket Charity!

Welcome Friends!!! You have stepped into a wonderful new world where the future of food pantries and food banks have brought back the old ways of helping others in a modern world! Currently there is no program like ours that exists; Based on the traditions of Saint Vincent De Paul, it is our love, and duty to take care of each and every person from being hungry. Each person means that from an infant to teens and adults no one should have to go to bed hungry. In our case, what we do is slightly different than a conventional pantry; in this day and age not everyone has or can afford transportation, elderly are making decisions between medication and food, families are wondering how they can receive help, friendship and opportunity to build a foundation for their families. There are families who have been forced by eviction out of their homes and now live in tents. This is right here in our own backyards, sometimes the house may be nice, but to live there is too costly, and families are starving just to live.

Blessed Be Baskets Charity is made of four individuals some are parents who have little ones of their own, who love and cherish people for who they are, not what they have. If there is a family in need without transportation; we make sure to deliver all food and other child needs to the family. This is the Vincentian way, when families suffer, we all suffer. Not all can just reach out, sometimes we have to reach to them, to lift them up out of despair of being Hungry. Therefore we deliver to all whom don’t have transportation, a car should never stop one from having food.

The popularity of food pantries and banks is that for the most part it is always non-perishable items that are available. Have you ever tried to put a meal together without milk, eggs, margarine? There are perishables that are needed not just for the health of the family, but to make meals complete and last longer. We seek supporters from local grocery stores to be able to receive perishables and deliver them as soon as possible. We will never give a family out-dated food that is over 1 years old, like many church pantries do. We will Never deliver perishables that are past expiration dates, The idea is to love and care for the families within the community, not harm them and bring illnesses because the dates on caned goods or milk products are out of date. As the perishables come in they are delivered within the first day.

The same goes for a family that let’s say is a family of four; two adults, one infant, and one older child. The older child has to have the same fresh vegetables and nutrition as the adults, the infant may need diapers, wipes, blankets, clothes, needs of the child. In this case we deliver everything, take the time to talk with people, and remind them, we are families too. Sometimes it takes a Community to Raise a Family…

The amount of perishables and non-perishables we work to provide to a family is to feed the family not for one day, not for one week, but to stay in contact with them, help them become established with WorkForce Tampa, if they are unaware of the food stamp and medicaid programs, we will work to help give them hope that not everything is Bleak, there are those of us who care with our hearts.

As is stands right now in the new year Blessed Be Baskets Charity has families whom we work with to get food in any way possible These are our families we have and each of us work hard to get the needs to them. I hope this Welcome Message, helps you understand what we do, please do read the other links provided, there is information that is being updated often.

We Hope that you will be a Friend and Support Blessed Be Baskets Charity, for if no one else the children locally, in the US who need help!

We need your Support–Eternally Grateful from the Families who Benefit¬†&¬†Our Family who without You, We Could Not Help!!!


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